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First time LipSense users 
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(color, gloss, remover )


LipSense is a new technology in the beauty industry.  It is patented and has never been copied!  There is no wax or lead in LipSense lipstick.  It adheres and bonds to the skin cells.  It won't smear or smudge, won't leave lip prints on your glass.  Lip sense won't feather or bleed into fine lines!  It just makes sense!

There is no moisture in the Lipsense colors. It's liquid color pigment that adheres to clean dry lips.  

You MUST use the LipSense moisturizing gloss made with Shea Butter and Vitamin E on top of Lipsense.  It will penetrate the color and deep condition your lips.  No more dry lips!

Use the LipSense Gloss repeatedly to "set" the color and your lips will become softer while using this shea butter and Vitamin E mixture. 

Christina-Aguilera uses Blu Red Lipsense color.  See her Lipsense reviews

What is 
Christina Aguilera's favorite red LipSense lipstick?

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Hi, I'm Leanne Avant (on the right) and I've turned a love for Lipsense into a career.

Top Senegence Distributor Leanne Avant and Priscilla Markham sharing Lipsense colors at trade shows across the USA.

I have been a Senegence Lipsense Distributor since 2000 and continue to travel the country and get wonderful Lipsense reviews from ladies across the USA.

You can share Lipsense lipstick with your friends and family in your salon, boutique or from your home by becoming a Lipsense Distributor.  

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LipSense Lip Glosses to match the lipsense colors on the Lipsense color chart.

The word Senegence is actually a combination of two words.
1. senescence - the process of aging
2. intelligence

Take the first half of the first word "sene" and use the second half of the second word, "gence" to get SeneGence, Aging Intelligently.

Leanne Avant 
Founding SeneGence Independent Distributor #10854
Tallahassee Florida USA
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