SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color
SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color

Senegence Lipsens Testimonials

Lipsense Reviews & Testimonials

I've received many emails and glowing reviews on Lipsense from my customers over the past 12 years.  I've decided to share some here!
"I still can't believe that LipSense really works!  I've been using it 3 years and it's still amazing.  Please send me my regular order of 2 Blu Red and 2 Glossy Gloss"   Susan, Tennessee
"I tried all the drug store brands of long lasting lipstick and they dry out my lips.  I'm so glad I tried LipSense lipcolor because it is the best long lasting lipstick EVER!"  June, Georgia
"The Sheer Pink LipSense lasts ALL DAY on my lips.  I even wake up with some color still on my lips."  Barbara, Lake Seminole
"Thanks for shipping my LipSense order so quickly.  I was down to the last drop and I can't live without it!  I'll try to order before I am completely out next time."   Pam, Las Vegas
"LipSense semi permanent lipstick is the only one that doesn't dry out my lips.  It doesn't get thick and peel off my lips like the other semi permanent lipsticks did.  I really love the LipSense gloss too."  Lois, South Carolina
"I'm so glad we met at the Savannah Women's Show.  I will never use regular wax lipstick again after finding LipSense."  Judy, Savannah
"I love the new Kiss Me Katie Lipsense color you suggested.  Thanks." Carol, Virginia
"It's time for my regular order of one of each of the red LipSense colors.  Blu Red, Red Cherry, Ruby Red, Brick, Crimson, 5 gloss and any new colors you think I'll want to try!"  Marybeth, Tallahassee
"I've been using Sheer Berry Lipsense for years now.  Are there any new colors you think I'd enjoy?"  Viann, Florida
"Leanne, thank you for answering my question about whether or not Lipsense Iipstick contains lead.  I'm so glad to know that LipSense is lead free!"  Renee, New Jersey
"I will gladly write a review for LipSense.  I found it at a trade show back in 2006 and have never used anything else since then.  I'm a busy real estate agent and I only have to apply LipSense once in the morning.  I may touch up at lunch but most of the times, I don't need to.  You also ship out fast so I enjoy doing business with you."  Elaine, California

Senegence Lipsense Customers

Customer Testimonials!
"My favorite product is the SeneGence Makeup.  It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin  but provides great coverage.  I also like that it is an oil free foundation.
 My skin looks flawless plus it is sweat-proof and  waterproof.
 If I could only buy one product it would be the
Senegence Makesense Foundation" – Callie, Florida
 "LipSense liquid lip color is absolutely the most
AMAZING long lasting lipstick!  It doesn’t bleed into fine lines around the lips.
No more red lip prints on my coffee cup, wine glass or napkin.  My husband and kids let me kiss them again since it won’t leave lipstick on them.
The Lipsens gloss has stopped my dry lips too. 
This stuff  really works" -  Miranda, Colorado
"LipSense lipstick is sensational. No more lipstick marks on collars.
No more lipstick on pillow cases. It's hard to
believe that a lipstick can stay on mostly all day.
I don't have to keep checking to see if it's still on.
 I just know that my lipsence lasts all day "  - Cindy, Texas
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