SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color
SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color


Anti-Pollution Skin Care & Makeup - Is it Worth It?

Dr Gary Goldfaden, dermatologist, says, “Pollution can cause uneven skin tone, dehydration, dryness, dark spots, expedited aging, wrinkles, sagging and a deterioration of collagen.” It's no surprise that beauty brands are falling over themselves to launch creams, masks and sprays that promise to protect our skin against such damage.

Pollution and dirty air is rampant across the globe.  The USA receives smog from other countries and continents that has floated over through the air..  We essentially all share the same atmosphere.   “Urbanization” is the term for this new global atmosphere.

SeneGence International's product SeneSerum-C,  a stabalized vitamin c product, also contains an added anti-pollution ingredient, "SeneShield" that fights Urbanization. SeneShield protects, restores and restructures the damage of free radicals in the air to reverse the aging process.

Urbanization provides added hazards including air pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), volatile organic compounds (VOC), oxides, particulate matter (PM), ozone, and cigarette smoke,” says Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson. “Prolonged and repetitive exposure to these agents can have negative effects on the skin.”  Pollution has a detrimental effect on our skin.

“The trend for anti-pollution skincare emerged a couple of years ago and has made a significant impact in the prestige beauty market," says June Jensen, director of NPD UK Beauty.   The category of ‘anti-pollution’ skincare has been grown by 30 percent over the past six months.

SeneGence International has also introduced this anti-pollution skin care to makeup! Advanced Anti-Aging MakeSense Foundation contains their proprietary ingredient SeneShield that protects, restores and restructures the damage of free radicals in the air to reverse the aging process.

The best  Anti-Pollution products to purchase.


Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope - Pink Lipstick

Everyone is searching for that pink lipstick!  That is, all the viewers addicted to the TV series "Scandal" starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, girlfriend to the President of the United States, played by Tony Goldwyn.

I myself got hooked thanks to my 22 year old daughter at the time.  

And with good reason.  As a born and bred Southerner, you can really sink your teeth into a interracial presidential scandal.  

Especially with such a strong female character who is basically the Washington insider with all the secrets and savvy to bring down anyone and everyone in D.C., as needed.

Now back to that pink lip color   Kerry Washington has shown the world that African American women can wear pink lipstick!  That subtle rose hue has been a secret until now.

Just go to to purchase Kerry's signature pink lipstick, LipSense in "Rose Ice".

Maybe you too will have a back door pass to the White House!  Or not.

SeneGence "My Pursuit of Beauty" with Vince Spinnato

I was privileged to spend time with Vince Spinnato last week on the big island of Hawaii.  Vince is a bona fide, real-life genius, a cosmetic chemist to the Hollywood Stars.  Vincenzo Spinnato is also known as the “Go To” guy for celebrities looking to create their own fragrances, skin care and cosmetic products.  Past clients include: 

Jennifer Lopez –       “Still” Fragrance for Women 
Jessica Simpson –    “Dessert” (Edible Bath/Body line) 
Michael Jordan –    “Michael Jordan” Men’s Fragrance for Footlocker 
Lilian Garcia –         “Surreal Star” Skincare 
Ole Henriksen –      Ole Henriksen Skin Care 
Carol Shaw –            LORAC Cosmetics 
Christophe–              Christophe Hair Care
Kiyah Wright –          Muze Hair Care
Beatrice DeAlba –      DeAbla Hair care  

Vince's story, "My Pursuit of Beauty"  is premiering on the History Channel before year end.  

I was on the Big Island as a guest of SeneGence International, an anti-aging cosmetics company and as an independent distributor and Crown Princess in the royal ranks of SeneGence’s sales force.  Vince attended as the in-house scientist and creator of high tech products for SeneGence .

Before Hawaii, I was only familiar with Vince as the “man behind the products” with Senegence.  I knew Vince to be a cutting edge cosmetic chemist who has wowed us at SeneGence more than once with new, exciting product innovations.  

Vince is a man that it would take quite a long time to really know.  Imagine layers, like an onion.  You know there is so much more beneath the surface.  Don’t get me wrong.  He is immediately likable with his wicked sense of humor.  You feel like you are talking with your best guy friend from high school.  There is no pretense that you might associate with someone who rubs elbows with the rich and famous.  You almost forget that Vince Spinnato is a cosmetic genius.  You could spend hours talking shop with Vince if you had any clue how he creates his game changing products.  Of which, I did not.  I was keenly aware that there is much more to Vince than meets the eye.

His relaxed and caring attitude along with that quick wit had me wanting more.  Luckily, fate and the airlines provided the opportunity for us to spend more private time together.  When asked questions, Vince chats easily about his family, his life, work and his precious dog “Fallon”.   I have a distinct feeling that Vince could be one of my “real” friends if we didn't live on opposite coasts.  Even my husband got a hug from Vince when we said our final good byes.  Vince is just down right likeable!

We at SeneGence are well aware that we receive and share with the public, new technology before it even reaches the “big” cosmetic giants.  Vince’s technology allows SeneGence to be a LEADER of new innovative products in the industry.  That’s right!  You should be looking for a Senegence Independent Distributor right now!  Lucky for you, that’s ME.

SeneGence introduced the beauty market to LipSense long lasting lip color in 1999.  LipSense is patented because it is actually a new technology that has never been copied.  Oh believe me, all the cosmetics companies have tried.  You’ve tried them too.  The ones that dry out your lips and peel off in sheets.  But you have never tried ANY long lasting lipstick that works like LipSense!

Vince Spinnato has provided exclusive new anti-aging technology to SeneGence that will have the big companies scrambling to copy.  Why wait for the copy cats?  YOU can have Vince's anti-aging, skin changing technology now!  

Just contact me, Leanne Avant at 850-524-5477 or purchase the jaw dropping, time-reversing, one of a kind, Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection.

Do you know other ladies that would LOVE to use this anti-aging miracle?  Then you should Join us NOW as a SeneGence distributor like me and buy wholesale!

Lipsense Lipstick Announces Newest Color

SeneGence International, the maker of LipSense long lasting lipstick announced the newest color to their line, Lexie Bear-y.

A portion of the proceeds from every tube of this long-lasting, fuchsia-berry shade will be donated to national children's health organizations, to fund the research, understanding, and prevention of childhood diseases! 

My Search For the Best Skin Care and Makeup.

My passion for cosmetics started when I was thirteen years old with my first Bonnie Bell strawberry flavored lip gloss.  My parents had a rule that my sister and I could wear makeup at age 13 and not a day before.  And then, "makeup" meant only lip gloss and light blush.

By age 15, I had added Mary Kay pancake concealer, 
Cover Girl liquid makeup, Maybelline Great Lash mascara and 
Coty powder to my soon to be bulging makeup bag.

On Saturdays and during summers while I was in high school 
I worked at the local "Cosmetic Center" 
which was basically a drug store without the drugs.  

I was in makeup heaven!  

So many colors, brands and smells filled my young impressionable mind 
while I was on my quest to find the perfect products to make me 
be as desirable a young southern girl as Scarlett O'Hara herself.!

I can still smell the British Sterling 
cologne that all the “foxy” guys in high school wore.

Me, I liked Revlon's Ciara and Ambush by Dana perfumes 
while my sister used Tigress perfume by Faberge.  

But most girls in the seventies were singing the jingle that accompanied the new Revlon fragrance Charlie.

The beauty pageant is a rite of passage in the South for females 
just as killing their first deer is for boys. 
So at age 17 I suited up in my borrowed swimsuit and evening gown
 and "painted by face" using my smorgasbord of beauty products.

I was confident that it was my choice of the perfect lipstick,
pink and blue eyeshadow,  and Sally Hanson nail polish 
that made them call MY name as the new Miss Colquitt 1980.

While I only shopped at the local Cosmetic Center, I had a friend that got to shop in the big city of Tallahassee, Florida and she used something called 
Clinique Continuous Coverage Makeup. 

This country girl had finally found something 
to completely cover her freckles and pimples 
to give the illusion of perfect skin.  It didn't matter that this new makeup was basically "spackle" in a tube that smothered my pores with oil, oil, oil.

A scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Atlanta 
earned as a prize for being
 Miss Georgia National Teen-Ager 1980
took me to the big city where I landed a job with Clinique 
in the downtown Davison's Department Store, now known as Macy's.

There I became friends with the other girls in the cosmetic department 
where I experimented with Lancome, Chanel, Elizabeth Arden 
& countless other creams, lotions, eyeliners, shadows, bronzers etc.

It was during this momentous year of 1982 that I became familiar with the 
"Gift with Purchase".  

The chance to get free goodies at each different makeup counter 
insured that I would not understand the term “brand loyalty” 
until I was 37 years old.

Then, as fate would have it, I discovered LipSenselong lasting liquid lip color by SeneGence International in the millenium year of 2000.

I was wearing Sheer Pink Lip Sense when I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.  The hygienist asked me to remove my lipstick and I said "I can't".  She cleaned my teeth and I still had on my LipSense so she called all the ladies who worked there AND the dentist into the room to see
that my lipstick had not come off during the whole cleaning!

I instantly had customers who also wanted LipSense!  Then the next day I received a phone call from another dentist office next door to my dentist office.  Six ladies there wanted LipSense as well! 

 I joined the company, SeneGence, as a distributor immediately.

I've had the privilege of being a pioneer distributor with SeneGence and I've learned the science behind each product as they were added one by one 
by Joni Rogers-Kante, CEO and founder.  
I've been trained by the scientist/chemist who actually developed the products, Yoram Fishman, as to their efficacy.

SeneGence is now the only company who specializes is 
ALL waterproof makeup products that are long lasting on the skin plus 
ALL their products are Anti-Aging to help you look younger. 

Long lasting Cosmetics that are Anti-Aging- What more could I possibly look for?

I know that SeneGence products DO work together synergistically to create the results I want.  
They are like building blocks that work together 
to form a wall of protection.

The results in my skin and the fact that I look better NOW 
than I did 12 years ago when I found SeneGence are proof enough for me!

There are independent laboratory tests to convince you!

I slowly stopped using my drawer full of various assorted 148 different cosmetic products and  now only use 

Senegence anti-aging skin care, MakeSense waterpoof foundation, ionic protein hair care, SeneCa perfume, body wash products & lotion,  Anti-Wrinkle Cream,  
 Nail Extend, Lash Extend, LashSense with UnderSense, ShadowSense, EyeSense & LipSense.

I am now adding layer by layer the most effective anti-aging complex
 all over my body every day!

I can proudly say that I no longer hop from company to company 
trying to find the next new thrill.

Lipsense Lipstick

Have you been hearing the "buzz" aboutLipsense lipstick?  More and more ladies are choosing Lipsense as their favorite lipstick.  Even celebrities like Christina Aguilera are shouting the virtues of this unique formula produced in southern California.  That's right.  Lipsense is made in the USA.  

Now you can get the Movie Star Makeup that celebrities and their makeup artists are choosing.

Lipsense is the only long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips.  It truly lasts for hours before you need to touch up the color.  Lipsense doesn't leave marks on your teeth or cup.  Lipsense leaves a ClearKiss.

You can purchase your Lipsense wholesale for yourself OR for selling to your friends by becoming a distributor for only $50.00.  Then you can have all the Lipsense colors to mix and blend to create 100's of color combinations.

Become a Lipsense distributor and learn how to have successful businesses marketing Lipsense and all the other products that Senegence Interational offer.

Click here to learn HOW Lipsense works and WHY it is different!

How to apply LipSense lipstick, Christina Aguilera's favorite brand of red lipstick

Christina Aguilera has repeatedly named LipSense  as her favorite brand of red lipstick. 
LipSense is the smear proof, kiss proof lipcolor introduced by Senegence International in April 1999.  Lipsense is a liquid lip color that does not contain wax or lead like many traditional lipsticks.  It won't get on your teeth or glass.
Below, are video application instructions on how to get Lipsense to last 6-8 hours on your lips without have to reapply.  These are the best Lipsense instructions we have found on the internet. 

Fundraiser, LipSense for Hurricane Sandy victims

Cause Marketing at it's best.  Support Hurricane Sandy survivors by buying this newest color of LipSense, Army Pink.
SeneGence introduces this newest  addition to it's Lipsense lipstick color chart, Army Pink Lipsense!
A light lavendar pink shade, the proceeds of the sale of this Lipsense lip color will benefit Hurricane Sandy victims.
Designed by Renee Stewart,SeneGence Independent Distributor and  mother of Boo Boo Stewart of the Twilight movie saga.
Purchase now at

LipSense Lipstick Changes Women's Lives

Would you believe a single product, LipSense lipstick, can offer women all over the world the chance to change their lives?  Does that sound a little too deep for you?  You've heard the old saying "Take in from someone who knows", and that's ME!
I've been riding the LipSense gravy train for 12 years now.  Not only can you earn extra money selling LipSense but it makes a great home based business.  My accountant told me that EVERYONE should start a home-based business for the tax benefits alone.  I never dreamed how starting my cosmetic business from home would affect all areas of my life.
SeneGence International prides itself on offering all women a choice. 1.  They can choose to be customers of LipSense and other long lasting products. or 2.  They can become a distributor of LipSense and share it with their friends.
I chose to become a LipSense distributor merely because I loved the product and wanted to purchase the Distributor Tester Kit so I could have all the LipSense colors, which at the time was only 10 colors.
I started my career "selling Lipsense" and quickly realized that SeneGence would teach me to be a business owner.  Little did I know that I would have to grow personally to be able to become this home based business expert.  SeneGence has provided constant training for every level my my personal and professional growth.
The journey from being a "LipSense distributor" to becoming an "Senior Recruiter and International Trainer for an international cosmetic company whose mission is to empower women world wide" has been one wild ride!
This country girl from Georgia who grew up on a peanut farm never REALLY dreamed she would visit Paris, Rome and Australia all because of lipstick!  Although my Mom did teach me at an early age that "Any old barn looks better painted".  That's southern speak for "Every lady looks better with lipstick".
If I never sell another tube of LipSense lipstick, the personal connections and friendships that I've gained all over the world have been worth every step of the journey.
I've seen shy, reserved housewives grow into confident, strong leaders.  I've seen ladies support their families while husband's recuperated from heart attacks.  I know women who have paid for their children and grandchildren's college education.  I've seen ladies with no friends overcome hurts from their past and embrace and grow new lasting friendships.
It is so rewarding to see a lady buy her first car ever, a Mercedes, from her earnings as a SeneGence distributor.  The stories go on and on...
But I've also seen ladies who quit.  Ladies who didn't think it was worth the effort even though they could clearly see what was possible.  That was hard for me to understand.
But now I realize, it is not my job to try to MAKE someone change their life. 
It's my privilege to offer them the CHOICE to change their life and then gladly support them through the journey!
What choice will you make?  You may become a customer and buy LipSense and our anti-aging skin care products.  You will look younger and feel better.  How could that change your life?
OR become a SeneGence Distributor.  Look younger, feel better, take control of your future AND  offer the same choice to others.

Makeup Ideas for Kim and Kanye Wedding

Lavish rumors abound about the next royal wedding of the century, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  Is she even divorced from her last 72-day husband, Kris Humphries?  We are having a difficult time Keeping Up with THIS Kardashian.
We recommend LipSense for Kim's wedding. It may last longer than the actual marriage!  LipSense lipstick is the best long lasting semi permanent lipcolor on the market.  The staying power of LipSense lasts up to 18 hours.  Anyone want to take bets on the length of this celebrity marriage verses the staying power of LipSense?
You have to admit, Kim does have good taste in men but she hops from one to the next with more fervor than the Energizer Bunny. 
Another multi-million dollar extravaganza of a wedding or an intimate island wedding with only friends and family?  Regardless, you can be certain that no expense will be spared preparing the incredible queen of excess personally for her third "special day".  LipSense will be a "steal" for her at a mere $22 per tube!

Marvelous Mulberry Lipstick for Fall 2012

Cash registers, department stores and boutique owners everywhere are smiling because we women know it's time to update our wardrobes AND makeup for the crisp season ahead. 
What colors do you associate with Fall? Nothing signals the end of sweltering summers more than seeing the hues of the upcoming season, Evergreen, Bronze, Gold, Rust, Mahogany, Russet, Plum, Mulberry
Want the color you see in this photo in a long lasting lipstick?  Try Raisin from LipSense.
For fall lipstick, just think wine!  A deep dark Cabernet color is ideal.  My favorite, a Pinot Noir will also satisfy the deeper tones of burgundy for fall.
Red is definitely a favorite lipstick color for fashion forward women from New York to Paris.  You can easily update your favorite Red for the Fall season and create a a deeper more dramatic look.  Layer your favorite Red lipstick with Plum to create a deep Mulberry color.  Or layer Plum on top of your Brown for a rich Mulberry with chocolate undertones.
Add Glitter gloss from LipSense in gold, silver or pink to really shine this holiday season!
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