SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color
SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color

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How to apply LipSense lipstick, Christina Aguilera's favorite brand of red lipstick

Christina Aguilera has repeatedly named LipSense  as her favorite brand of red lipstick. 
LipSense is the smear proof, kiss proof lipcolor introduced by Senegence International in April 1999.  Lipsense is a liquid lip color that does not contain wax or lead like many traditional lipsticks.  It won't get on your teeth or glass.
Below, are video application instructions on how to get Lipsense to last 6-8 hours on your lips without have to reapply.  These are the best Lipsense instructions we have found on the internet. 

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Newest LipSense Color - Aussie Rose with Rose Gloss

The latest Senegence news from the Land Down Under is a brand new Lipsense color named Aussie Rose. 
Designed by Australian LipSense distributor, Mary Ann Pinto, Aussie Rose LipSense is a warm, medium pink that looks very natural.
Top it off with Rose Gloss and this newest LipSense duo will fast become your everyday favorite.
If you currently use Rose Ice Lipsense, Sheer Pink Lipsense, Roseberry Lipsense or Dark Pink Lipsense, you can be certain that you LOVE this newest color on the Lipsense color chart.

LipSense Application Instructions

LipSense is better than any long lasting lipstick you have ever tried!
LipSense is a long-lasting "liquid" lip color that lasts anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.  How long it lasts on you personally will depend on your body chemistry and pH level.
One tube of LipSense should last approximately 4-6 months if you use the color everyday.
How to Apply LipSense:
Shake tube well before applying. Start with clean, dry lips (no makeup, lip balm, lotion, etc.).
With lips parted, place applicator on lip beginning at the outside corner and apply in  a fluid, sweeping motion to the opposite corner of the lip withoutlifting the applicator - do not move applicator back and forth.
Apply three layers of one or more colors (different colors can be layered for a custom look) for long-lasting results. Keep your lips parted until the color is “dry” (about 10-15 seconds). If you make a mistake,immediately wipe off or use Ooops! Remover to correct. Your lips may feel tacky until you apply LipSense Gloss.
If your lips are dry and/orcracked, they may tingle when applying LipSense. The Shea butter in LipSense Gloss will help to restore moisture and tingling should subside with regular use. LipSense Gloss will also help your color to last longer and keep your lips moist and plump.
To Remove or Change Color:
Use Ooops! Remover and gently rub onto lip color, then wipe clean.

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National Kissing Day 2012

It's today, July 6, 2012!  Originally celebrated in the UK, National Kissing Day is now celebrated worldwide.  A day to celebrate kissing?  Yes, kissing just for kissing's sake!  

 If you plan on kissing multiple people you better be wearing LIPSENSE long lasting lipcolor.  It's the original long lasting lipstick.  You can't kiss it off! 

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How Does Lipsense Work?

LipSense is a liquid lip color. It contains mica from the earth.  So it is a blend of nature and science.  It is NOT a lipstick that contains wax.  It is NOT a stain.  Lipsense does not stain your lips.

LipSense long lasting lip color forms a semi-permeable membrane on the lips, which basically means that it leaves a film of color on the lips that the gloss can soak through.  But the color won't smear or smudge.  

You can apply Lipsense moisturizing gloss on top of the semi permanent color without smudging or moving the color.

You can remove Lip Sense immediately but why would you?  Most loyal Lip Sense fans wear it as long as it lasts.  Some people may need to touch up their color once a day.  Other people only refresh their gloss during the day.  

I apply LipSense in the morning about 8 am.  At lunch time, I apply more gloss before I eat to protect the lip color.

After I eat I decide if I need to touch up my Lipsense lip color or not.  If so, just apply lip sense in the area where it has faded, then add more gloss.  

I am confident that I have on lip color all day long.  If I am going out at night, I like to totally remove my lipsense lipstick and start fresh.

After you have been wearing the color all day long, your body chemistry begins to break down the color.  Applying new LipSense on top of old LipSense will not last as long.

Tell me, how long does Lipsense last on YOU?

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