SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color
SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color

LipSense Reviews

Makeup Colors & Trends for Fall 2013.

Minimal Color on Faces this Fall 2013!  
Direct from the runways we have a  glimpse of what every American woman will be emulating this Fall with their personal makeup application.  
And the answer is.....(drum roll please),  Matte Finish Foundation and Minimal Color.  

SeneGence International offers a fantastic matte finish foundation called MakeSense Foundation.  We found the colors Cream Beige and Dewey to be excellent choices. An added plus, MakeSense Foundation is oil free but it is WATERPROOF so it stays on all day.
And you can forget your mascara for Fall.

But color those lips!  Get this look withLipsense long lasting lipstick, in Praline Rose LipSense or Pink Champagne Lipsense with Matte Gloss

Lipsense Lipstick

Have you been hearing the "buzz" aboutLipsense lipstick?  More and more ladies are choosing Lipsense as their favorite lipstick.  Even celebrities like Christina Aguilera are shouting the virtues of this unique formula produced in southern California.  That's right.  Lipsense is made in the USA.  

Now you can get the Movie Star Makeup that celebrities and their makeup artists are choosing.

Lipsense is the only long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips.  It truly lasts for hours before you need to touch up the color.  Lipsense doesn't leave marks on your teeth or cup.  Lipsense leaves a ClearKiss.

You can purchase your Lipsense wholesale for yourself OR for selling to your friends by becoming a distributor for only $50.00.  Then you can have all the Lipsense colors to mix and blend to create 100's of color combinations.

Become a Lipsense distributor and learn how to have successful businesses marketing Lipsense and all the other products that Senegence Interational offer.

Click here to learn HOW Lipsense works and WHY it is different!

How to apply LipSense lipstick, Christina Aguilera's favorite brand of red lipstick

Christina Aguilera has repeatedly named LipSense  as her favorite brand of red lipstick. 
LipSense is the smear proof, kiss proof lipcolor introduced by Senegence International in April 1999.  Lipsense is a liquid lip color that does not contain wax or lead like many traditional lipsticks.  It won't get on your teeth or glass.
Below, are video application instructions on how to get Lipsense to last 6-8 hours on your lips without have to reapply.  These are the best Lipsense instructions we have found on the internet. 

Love Lipsense? Join SeneGence for Free in January 2013

What a way to start the New Year! 
That's right!  During January 2013, you can become affiliated with SeneGence International and distribute their products to create the income you need.
Are you a devoted LipSense customer who has friends that would like to see the products?  Do you need to make an extra $1000 a month?  Looking for a reason to get away with your girlfriends?
LipSense remains the number one long lasting lipstick on the market!  Lipsense is only available through Senegence distributors and many cities and states across the USA still need more active distributors.  We need help servicing all the devoted Lipsense customers and sharing our complete line of anti-aging products with them!
Help us share Lipsense with your friends and family and take the business to the level you desire!

Newest LipSense Color - Aussie Rose with Rose Gloss

The latest Senegence news from the Land Down Under is a brand new Lipsense color named Aussie Rose. 
Designed by Australian LipSense distributor, Mary Ann Pinto, Aussie Rose LipSense is a warm, medium pink that looks very natural.
Top it off with Rose Gloss and this newest LipSense duo will fast become your everyday favorite.
If you currently use Rose Ice Lipsense, Sheer Pink Lipsense, Roseberry Lipsense or Dark Pink Lipsense, you can be certain that you LOVE this newest color on the Lipsense color chart.

Fundraiser, LipSense for Hurricane Sandy victims

Cause Marketing at it's best.  Support Hurricane Sandy survivors by buying this newest color of LipSense, Army Pink.
SeneGence introduces this newest  addition to it's Lipsense lipstick color chart, Army Pink Lipsense!
A light lavendar pink shade, the proceeds of the sale of this Lipsense lip color will benefit Hurricane Sandy victims.
Designed by Renee Stewart,SeneGence Independent Distributor and  mother of Boo Boo Stewart of the Twilight movie saga.
Purchase now at

LipSense Lipstick Changes Women's Lives

Would you believe a single product, LipSense lipstick, can offer women all over the world the chance to change their lives?  Does that sound a little too deep for you?  You've heard the old saying "Take in from someone who knows", and that's ME!
I've been riding the LipSense gravy train for 12 years now.  Not only can you earn extra money selling LipSense but it makes a great home based business.  My accountant told me that EVERYONE should start a home-based business for the tax benefits alone.  I never dreamed how starting my cosmetic business from home would affect all areas of my life.
SeneGence International prides itself on offering all women a choice. 1.  They can choose to be customers of LipSense and other long lasting products. or 2.  They can become a distributor of LipSense and share it with their friends.
I chose to become a LipSense distributor merely because I loved the product and wanted to purchase the Distributor Tester Kit so I could have all the LipSense colors, which at the time was only 10 colors.
I started my career "selling Lipsense" and quickly realized that SeneGence would teach me to be a business owner.  Little did I know that I would have to grow personally to be able to become this home based business expert.  SeneGence has provided constant training for every level my my personal and professional growth.
The journey from being a "LipSense distributor" to becoming an "Senior Recruiter and International Trainer for an international cosmetic company whose mission is to empower women world wide" has been one wild ride!
This country girl from Georgia who grew up on a peanut farm never REALLY dreamed she would visit Paris, Rome and Australia all because of lipstick!  Although my Mom did teach me at an early age that "Any old barn looks better painted".  That's southern speak for "Every lady looks better with lipstick".
If I never sell another tube of LipSense lipstick, the personal connections and friendships that I've gained all over the world have been worth every step of the journey.
I've seen shy, reserved housewives grow into confident, strong leaders.  I've seen ladies support their families while husband's recuperated from heart attacks.  I know women who have paid for their children and grandchildren's college education.  I've seen ladies with no friends overcome hurts from their past and embrace and grow new lasting friendships.
It is so rewarding to see a lady buy her first car ever, a Mercedes, from her earnings as a SeneGence distributor.  The stories go on and on...
But I've also seen ladies who quit.  Ladies who didn't think it was worth the effort even though they could clearly see what was possible.  That was hard for me to understand.
But now I realize, it is not my job to try to MAKE someone change their life. 
It's my privilege to offer them the CHOICE to change their life and then gladly support them through the journey!
What choice will you make?  You may become a customer and buy LipSense and our anti-aging skin care products.  You will look younger and feel better.  How could that change your life?
OR become a SeneGence Distributor.  Look younger, feel better, take control of your future AND  offer the same choice to others.

The Gift of LipSense!

The Gift of LipSense!
What gift do you give to someone who can afford to buy anything she wants?  What about that Fashionista who is on top of the latest fasions and only wants what's HOT HOT HOT? 
Take a suggestion from pop diva Christina Aguilera.  Her favorite lip secret is : LipSense, $22, made by SeneGence  “It doesn’t come off on my microphone when I sing,” Christina said. She also says it “kissproof.”   Blu Red and Cranberry LipSense are Christina’s red signature favorites.
Do your friends a favor and tell them about this amazing product.  LipSense has no wax, no lead and is not tested on animals. It is waterproof, smearproof and kissproof.
From housewife to beauty queen and every lady in between, none of us want pale lips or lipstick that bleeds.  Friends don't let friends wear smudged lipstick!  Remember the LipSense Glossthat goes on top of the color!  And Ooops! Remover to take it off.
Purchase the three piece set at a 10% discountHERE

Lipsense Reviews & Testimonials

I've received many emails and glowing reviews on Lipsense from my customers over the past 12 years.  I've decided to share some here!
"I still can't believe that LipSense really works!  I've been using it 3 years and it's still amazing.  Please send me my regular order of 2 Blu Red and 2 Glossy Gloss"   Susan, Tennessee
"I tried all the drug store brands of long lasting lipstick and they dry out my lips.  I'm so glad I tried LipSense lipcolor because it is the best long lasting lipstick EVER!"  June, Georgia
"The Sheer Pink LipSense lasts ALL DAY on my lips.  I even wake up with some color still on my lips."  Barbara, Lake Seminole
"Thanks for shipping my LipSense order so quickly.  I was down to the last drop and I can't live without it!  I'll try to order before I am completely out next time."   Pam, Las Vegas
"LipSense semi permanent lipstick is the only one that doesn't dry out my lips.  It doesn't get thick and peel off my lips like the other semi permanent lipsticks did.  I really love the LipSense gloss too."  Lois, South Carolina
"I'm so glad we met at the Savannah Women's Show.  I will never use regular wax lipstick again after finding LipSense."  Judy, Savannah
"I love the new Kiss Me Katie Lipsense color you suggested.  Thanks." Carol, Virginia
"It's time for my regular order of one of each of the red LipSense colors.  Blu Red, Red Cherry, Ruby Red, Brick, Crimson, 5 gloss and any new colors you think I'll want to try!"  Marybeth, Tallahassee
"I've been using Sheer Berry Lipsense for years now.  Are there any new colors you think I'd enjoy?"  Viann, Florida
"Leanne, thank you for answering my question about whether or not Lipsense Iipstick contains lead.  I'm so glad to know that LipSense is lead free!"  Renee, New Jersey
"I will gladly write a review for LipSense.  I found it at a trade show back in 2006 and have never used anything else since then.  I'm a busy real estate agent and I only have to apply LipSense once in the morning.  I may touch up at lunch but most of the times, I don't need to.  You also ship out fast so I enjoy doing business with you."  Elaine, California
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