SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color
SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color

Christina Aguilera

What is the name of Christina Aguilera's favorite, signature red lipstick shade?

Many millions of women fans watching The Voice and seeing Christina Aguilera in her signature red lipstick find themselves asking, "What is the brand of Christina Aguilera's favorite lipstick?", "What IS that perfect red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?", "Where can I find the red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?"

Christina  has repeatedly endorsed LipSense lipstick in many magazine and online interviews.  She loves the classic, clear 1950's look of LipSense in Blu Red.  She also likes Cranberry, a blue based red that is more sheer than the Blu Red.  Christina knows you can layer the two reds to create your own signature shade of red.

Marie Claire magazine interviewed Christina and got this response, "For the most part, my signature shade is from LipSense.  I love color—I'm not a beige kind of girl. Even in my home, accents of red show up in every room. Red lips and fragrance always top off an outfit for me. "

Bloggers are also promoting Christina's Favorite brand too,  "Xtina is always rocking some kind of crazy bright red lipstick. I have been wondering what it is she is using as it always seems to be perfectly in place, which is challenging to do with pigments that rich. ... I was reading in another post and it turns out it this brand called LipSense.  Which is surprisingly an at home business venture like Mary Kay or Arbonne. Her favorite color apparently is Blu-Red."  Find out more about selling Lipsense yourself, in your boutique, salon, or from your home from this 16 year veteran of SeneGence, Leanne Avant.

Christina could be a distributor of Lipsense and refer everyone to her own website!

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Lipsense Lipstick

Have you been hearing the "buzz" aboutLipsense lipstick?  More and more ladies are choosing Lipsense as their favorite lipstick.  Even celebrities like Christina Aguilera are shouting the virtues of this unique formula produced in southern California.  That's right.  Lipsense is made in the USA.  

Now you can get the Movie Star Makeup that celebrities and their makeup artists are choosing.

Lipsense is the only long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips.  It truly lasts for hours before you need to touch up the color.  Lipsense doesn't leave marks on your teeth or cup.  Lipsense leaves a ClearKiss.

You can purchase your Lipsense wholesale for yourself OR for selling to your friends by becoming a distributor for only $50.00.  Then you can have all the Lipsense colors to mix and blend to create 100's of color combinations.

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How to apply LipSense lipstick, Christina Aguilera's favorite brand of red lipstick

Christina Aguilera has repeatedly named LipSense  as her favorite brand of red lipstick. 
LipSense is the smear proof, kiss proof lipcolor introduced by Senegence International in April 1999.  Lipsense is a liquid lip color that does not contain wax or lead like many traditional lipsticks.  It won't get on your teeth or glass.
Below, are video application instructions on how to get Lipsense to last 6-8 hours on your lips without have to reapply.  These are the best Lipsense instructions we have found on the internet. 

Lipsense - Christina Aguilera's favorite lipstick

Senegence International introduces BluRed LinerSense, its water proof, smearproof lip liner especially for their celebrity client, Christina Aguilera.
Did I mention that Christina is NOT paid to advertise LipSense?  She is a real customer giving a true testimonial.  Christina Aguilera has been a fan of LipSense lipstick for eight years!  Her favorite signature red lipstick is LipSense in BluRed.  She also uses Cranberry LipSense with Pearl Gloss.
One of LipSense's top celebrity fans, Christina often shares her love of LipSense in interviews, magazine articles and TV spots.   Christina praised Lipsense in the January 2012 Edition of Ladies Home Journal.   In Marie Claire where she claimed Cranberry Lipsense as a favorite saying, "If I'm feeling creative at home, I'll throw on red lips because it makes me feel good."
Allure magazine asked Christina, "Do you get glam every day?" and she replied, "I can be at home in sweatpants, and I'll slap on red lipstick to write in my diary. LipSense in Blue-Red always seems to do the the trick. It's kissproof."
LipSense® by SeneGence International is truly amazing  Senegence now has a line of Semi-Pemanent lip colors, cosmetics and cosmeseuticals with patented technology so your make-up stays on all day or all night.
LipSense is adored by women all over the world.  Once you try it, you'll never go back to traditional, waxy lipsticks. It's also 100% Guarantee so there's no reason not to try LipSense!    There are literally hundreds of custom-color possibilities by combining and layering different shades of LipSense.   You'll never go back to smelly traditional lipsticks that stick to your teeth and dry out your lips and may contain unknown waxes and lead.
Isn't it time to change the way you kiss with SeneGence LipSense Lipcolor!?  For professional woman, busy moms…and especially for those Lip Stick queens! LipSense is the original patented formula that won’t kiss off, eat off, drink off, or smudge on your teeth! You will love LipSense! Guaranteed!

What red lipstick does Christina Aguilera wear?

LipSense has gained popularity among the movie star, celebrity scene.  It's a favorite with makeup artists as well.
Have you ever asked yourself "What is Christina Aguilera's favorite lipstick?", "What is that perfect red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?", "Where can I find the red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?"
Christina  has endorsed LipSense lipstick repeatedly in many interviews.  She loves the classic, clear 1950's look of LipSense in Blu Red.  She also likes Cranberry, a blue based red that is more sheer than the Blu Red.
She should be making money for the many endorsements she gives.  And she could!  Christina should be a distributor of Lipsense and refer everyone to her own website! 
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