SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color
SeneGence - Lipsense lipstick, long lasting lip color

Lipsense - Christina Aguilera's favorite lipstick

Senegence International introduces BluRed LinerSense, its water proof, smearproof lip liner especially for their celebrity client, Christina Aguilera.
Did I mention that Christina is NOT paid to advertise LipSense?  She is a real customer giving a true testimonial.  Christina Aguilera has been a fan of LipSense lipstick for eight years!  Her favorite signature red lipstick is LipSense in BluRed.  She also uses Cranberry LipSense with Pearl Gloss.
One of LipSense's top celebrity fans, Christina often shares her love of LipSense in interviews, magazine articles and TV spots.   Christina praised Lipsense in the January 2012 Edition of Ladies Home Journal.   In Marie Claire where she claimed Cranberry Lipsense as a favorite saying, "If I'm feeling creative at home, I'll throw on red lips because it makes me feel good."
Allure magazine asked Christina, "Do you get glam every day?" and she replied, "I can be at home in sweatpants, and I'll slap on red lipstick to write in my diary. LipSense in Blue-Red always seems to do the the trick. It's kissproof."
LipSense® by SeneGence International is truly amazing  Senegence now has a line of Semi-Pemanent lip colors, cosmetics and cosmeseuticals with patented technology so your make-up stays on all day or all night.
LipSense is adored by women all over the world.  Once you try it, you'll never go back to traditional, waxy lipsticks. It's also 100% Guarantee so there's no reason not to try LipSense!    There are literally hundreds of custom-color possibilities by combining and layering different shades of LipSense.   You'll never go back to smelly traditional lipsticks that stick to your teeth and dry out your lips and may contain unknown waxes and lead.
Isn't it time to change the way you kiss with SeneGence LipSense Lipcolor!?  For professional woman, busy moms…and especially for those Lip Stick queens! LipSense is the original patented formula that won’t kiss off, eat off, drink off, or smudge on your teeth! You will love LipSense! Guaranteed!

What red lipstick does Christina Aguilera wear?

LipSense has gained popularity among the movie star, celebrity scene.  It's a favorite with makeup artists as well.
Have you ever asked yourself "What is Christina Aguilera's favorite lipstick?", "What is that perfect red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?", "Where can I find the red lipstick that Christina Aguilera wears?"
Christina  has endorsed LipSense lipstick repeatedly in many interviews.  She loves the classic, clear 1950's look of LipSense in Blu Red.  She also likes Cranberry, a blue based red that is more sheer than the Blu Red.
She should be making money for the many endorsements she gives.  And she could!  Christina should be a distributor of Lipsense and refer everyone to her own website! 

The New Blue Smokey Eye

Spring 2013 fashion shows repeatedly shared one thing in
common, a new blue smokey eye on all the models.
So bring on the blue eyeshadow!
Just forget your sister's 1970's blue eyeshadow!  To rock this new blue, think DENIM to create a chic blue smokey look by circling the entire eye.
The look in the photo on the right combines deep DENIM shadow with a CARIBBEAN blue andLIGHT SAPPHIRE  for a more intense, multi tonal look. 
Use a nude lipstick like LipSense in Cappucino or Lipsense in Beige Champagne and keep the focus on the EYES!

60's Look for Spring 2013 - Spider Eyelashes

What 1960's look will you incorporate into YOUR Spring look?  Thanks to Mad Men, the 60's influence is everywhere on the runway in clothing and cosmetics for Spring 2013. 
Get one of the hottest looks of the moment.  Spider lashes!  Think Twiggy, very mod, lots of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.   To achieve this look use LashSense with UnderSense by Senegence International.  LashSense is a dual product with a lash thickener on one end and a waterproof mascara on the other.
Just coat your lashes on top and bottom with the the Undersense, two layers if you really want to go doe-eyed!  Then coat your lashes with layers of blackLashSense. 
Go with a bolder brow, pair your spider lashes with a pale, nude lipcolor to keep the attention on your eyes!
To maximize this look, grow your own lashes longer faster.  See longer, thicker lashes in two weeks withLashExtend.  Won't change your eye color like Latisse.

Love Lipsense? Join SeneGence for Free in January 2013

What a way to start the New Year! 
That's right!  During January 2013, you can become affiliated with SeneGence International and distribute their products to create the income you need.
Are you a devoted LipSense customer who has friends that would like to see the products?  Do you need to make an extra $1000 a month?  Looking for a reason to get away with your girlfriends?
LipSense remains the number one long lasting lipstick on the market!  Lipsense is only available through Senegence distributors and many cities and states across the USA still need more active distributors.  We need help servicing all the devoted Lipsense customers and sharing our complete line of anti-aging products with them!
Help us share Lipsense with your friends and family and take the business to the level you desire!

Leanne Avant for LipSense & SeneGence

Leanne Avant, International Trainer and Founding Distributor with Senegence International has built a lucrative business promoting LipSense and the entire anti-aging line of products offered by SeneGence.
Leanne has been a pioneer with Senegence since 2000 building a team that reached $1 Million is sales in a calendar year.
Leanne's skill as a makeup artist and business growth trainer have contributed to her team's success. 
You can join the team TODAY and be mentored personally by Leanne.
Leanne Avant expanded her business becoming certified as an Image Consultantat by the prestigious London Image Institute.  She continues to helps others reach their dreams with her position as Career Image Coach.
Leanne's success story is an inspiration to many new and seasoned distributors with Senegence International.

Sell LipSense - New You, New Life in 2013

When the ball drops in Times Square on New Year's Eve we will immediately begin to feel the pressure to proclaim our New Year's Resolutions for 2013.
What changes are you already complemplating?  How will you change your life for the better in 2013?
High on the list is always weight loss for those of us who yo you up and down with our weight.  Suddenly just because a New Year is dawning, our self control feels at an all time high.  That lasts about 2 weeks until we pass a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on a aisle in Walgreens.
Making more money is a top New Year's Resolution as well.  Who couldn't use an extra $1000 per month by starting their own home based  business?  Who couldn't use the income tax advantages? 
Sharing LipSense is an easy resolution to keep!  Resolve to help women feel better about themselves.  Resolve to give women a chance to change their lives.  Resolve to helping women look their very best.  Resolve to making more friends.  Resolve to expanding your horizons. 
LipSense is the only long lasting lipstick that really works!  Sharing it with others is easy.
And the monetary benefits more than exceed that resolution of making more money too!
Buy LipSense NOW.  Or Learn more about Selling Lipsense

Who needs an Image Consultant?

Are you asking yourself, "Do I need an Image Consultant"?  How can an Image Consultant help me?  Where do I find an Image Consultant?  What does an Image Consultant actually DO?
It's time to ask yourself a few more questions.  Do you have a closet full of clothes and still say "I have NOTHING to wear"?  Are you skilled and talented but cannot advance in your career?  Are you attracting the type of person you desire in your personal life?  Do you need a boost of confidence to empower youself?  Is it time to re-invent yourself for the next decade of your life?  Yes to any of these questions means it's time for an expert!  You need a Certified Image Consultant.
Where do we begin?   We ask each client to fill out an in-depth questionnaire so that we can first analyze your personality, lifestyle, and ambitions. We then help you develop an original and enhanced style based on who you are and the results you desire.  The changes are always astonishing for both men and women!  Not only do you get a personal transformation but you'll also gain  a life-long understanding of how style adds to your personal and professional power.
Our services include:
Color & Body Analysis – Learn how choosing the right colors and style for you personally will make you more approachable, more confident and more successful.
Image Consultation – One-on-one evaluation of your current style as compared to your personal and professional goals. Aligning your outer image with your goals will bring huge results!
Wardrobe Review – We'll determine what not to wear by weeding out the unnecessary and unflattering items in your closet using tricks of the trade. Our expert Image Consultant will create new outfit ideas with your existing clothing and accessories.  A personalized list of essential must-buy items will be provided to pull your wardrobe together and bring your image up-to-date.
Wardrobe Building – Choose your clothing in 5 minutes or less, EVERDAY!  Learn how “capsule dressing”will save you time and headaches.  No more wondering what you will wear everyday.
Personal Shopping – We provide lifetime shopping advice and will teach you what styles, colors, fabrics, cuts and brands work best for you on your shopping budget.
Beauty Consultation & Makeup - Makeup Lesson, Makeover and Eyebrow shaping with a makeup artist.  Our make-up experts help you to determine what products and colors are best suited for your skin type, texture, and tones.
What are you waiting for? 
The New Year is almost here.  Is it time for a NEW YOU?
Image Makeovers make great gifts to yourself or your loved ones.
This can be accomplished face to face or virtually.

Another update to Lipsense color chart

The Lipsense color chart keeps growing! 
And the newest Lipsense color is a limited edition color named "Fleur de Lisa" after my friend and fellow Lipsense distributor Lisa Johnson.
This is a beautiful, light/medium blue based pink.  $22 Order yours NOW!

Army Pink LipSense, Boo Boo Stewart

Did you see the Army Pink Special with Fivel and Boo Boo Stewart tonight?  What a great fund raising charity!
Joni Rogers Kante, Founder and CEO of Senegence International was there as a special guest!  Army Pink LipSense made its debut as a fundraiser. 
Designed by Boo Boo and Fivel's Mom, Renee Stewart, and fellow SeneGence distributor, Army Pink is a light pinkish mauve color.  A portion of the proceeds benefits the Army Pink organization!

Newest LipSense Color - Aussie Rose with Rose Gloss

The latest Senegence news from the Land Down Under is a brand new Lipsense color named Aussie Rose. 
Designed by Australian LipSense distributor, Mary Ann Pinto, Aussie Rose LipSense is a warm, medium pink that looks very natural.
Top it off with Rose Gloss and this newest LipSense duo will fast become your everyday favorite.
If you currently use Rose Ice Lipsense, Sheer Pink Lipsense, Roseberry Lipsense or Dark Pink Lipsense, you can be certain that you LOVE this newest color on the Lipsense color chart.

Fundraiser, LipSense for Hurricane Sandy victims

Cause Marketing at it's best.  Support Hurricane Sandy survivors by buying this newest color of LipSense, Army Pink.
SeneGence introduces this newest  addition to it's Lipsense lipstick color chart, Army Pink Lipsense!
A light lavendar pink shade, the proceeds of the sale of this Lipsense lip color will benefit Hurricane Sandy victims.
Designed by Renee Stewart,SeneGence Independent Distributor and  mother of Boo Boo Stewart of the Twilight movie saga.
Purchase now at

LipSense Lipstick Changes Women's Lives

Would you believe a single product, LipSense lipstick, can offer women all over the world the chance to change their lives?  Does that sound a little too deep for you?  You've heard the old saying "Take in from someone who knows", and that's ME!
I've been riding the LipSense gravy train for 12 years now.  Not only can you earn extra money selling LipSense but it makes a great home based business.  My accountant told me that EVERYONE should start a home-based business for the tax benefits alone.  I never dreamed how starting my cosmetic business from home would affect all areas of my life.
SeneGence International prides itself on offering all women a choice. 1.  They can choose to be customers of LipSense and other long lasting products. or 2.  They can become a distributor of LipSense and share it with their friends.
I chose to become a LipSense distributor merely because I loved the product and wanted to purchase the Distributor Tester Kit so I could have all the LipSense colors, which at the time was only 10 colors.
I started my career "selling Lipsense" and quickly realized that SeneGence would teach me to be a business owner.  Little did I know that I would have to grow personally to be able to become this home based business expert.  SeneGence has provided constant training for every level my my personal and professional growth.
The journey from being a "LipSense distributor" to becoming an "Senior Recruiter and International Trainer for an international cosmetic company whose mission is to empower women world wide" has been one wild ride!
This country girl from Georgia who grew up on a peanut farm never REALLY dreamed she would visit Paris, Rome and Australia all because of lipstick!  Although my Mom did teach me at an early age that "Any old barn looks better painted".  That's southern speak for "Every lady looks better with lipstick".
If I never sell another tube of LipSense lipstick, the personal connections and friendships that I've gained all over the world have been worth every step of the journey.
I've seen shy, reserved housewives grow into confident, strong leaders.  I've seen ladies support their families while husband's recuperated from heart attacks.  I know women who have paid for their children and grandchildren's college education.  I've seen ladies with no friends overcome hurts from their past and embrace and grow new lasting friendships.
It is so rewarding to see a lady buy her first car ever, a Mercedes, from her earnings as a SeneGence distributor.  The stories go on and on...
But I've also seen ladies who quit.  Ladies who didn't think it was worth the effort even though they could clearly see what was possible.  That was hard for me to understand.
But now I realize, it is not my job to try to MAKE someone change their life. 
It's my privilege to offer them the CHOICE to change their life and then gladly support them through the journey!
What choice will you make?  You may become a customer and buy LipSense and our anti-aging skin care products.  You will look younger and feel better.  How could that change your life?
OR become a SeneGence Distributor.  Look younger, feel better, take control of your future AND  offer the same choice to others.

Napa LipSense, Mojave LipSense, Redwood LipSense for Fall

Each season Senegence International, the makers of LipSense lipstick, introduce a limited edition collection of 3 new Lipsense colors.    SeneGence has launched "The Colors of California" LipSense for their Fall 2012 collection!
Think of the distinctive trees of the captivating Redwood National Forest and you will understand the inspiration for Redwood Lipsense. 
To envision the color of Napa Lipsense, the perfect plum color for fall 2012, just picture the vineyards and burgundy grapes of Napa Valley.
Close your eyes and remember the bronzed rocks and sun-kissed plains of the Mojave desert and you will have a clear idea of Mojave LipSense.
The Fall 2012 LipSense Collection is inspired by some of the most beautiful destinations in the Golden State. You can experience the beauty of California with these limited edition LipSense shades.  Order LipSense NOW
If you are purchasing LipSense lipstick for the first time, you will need a LipSense Collection which is your choice of Lipsense lipstick, a moisturizing lip gloss and and Ooops! remover.  You will get the maximum results when using the collection.

Makeup Ideas for Kim and Kanye Wedding

Lavish rumors abound about the next royal wedding of the century, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  Is she even divorced from her last 72-day husband, Kris Humphries?  We are having a difficult time Keeping Up with THIS Kardashian.
We recommend LipSense for Kim's wedding. It may last longer than the actual marriage!  LipSense lipstick is the best long lasting semi permanent lipcolor on the market.  The staying power of LipSense lasts up to 18 hours.  Anyone want to take bets on the length of this celebrity marriage verses the staying power of LipSense?
You have to admit, Kim does have good taste in men but she hops from one to the next with more fervor than the Energizer Bunny. 
Another multi-million dollar extravaganza of a wedding or an intimate island wedding with only friends and family?  Regardless, you can be certain that no expense will be spared preparing the incredible queen of excess personally for her third "special day".  LipSense will be a "steal" for her at a mere $22 per tube!
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